Wellness Center

Wellness Center Staff

(from left to right)
Marina Barnes, serving as Wellness Coordinator
with CASSY Therapists Aneesa Vaez-Iravani, Sarah Lauterbach
and Site Supervisor Alex Espinosa

If you or someone you know are in crisis or in need of immediate support, please call 911 or one of the following 24-hour crisis lines: Text BAY to 741-741 (Crisis Text Line) (855) 278-4204 (Santa Clara) (800) 273-8255 (National) If support is not needed immediately, students can contact their guidance counselor and they will connect the student to a CASSY therapist. Please visit the CASSY page for more info.

The Wellness Center is currently closed, and are offering all wellness activities online only. You can find resources for wellness here. Below is our Wellness Activity Schedule.

Wellness Wednesdays
Mindfulness Meditation from 9:45 to 10:00am
Join us here for a short mindfulness meditation to re-center, access calm, and take a short break for yourself before.
Yoga from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

If you want to relax and calm your mind and body, join the “Yoga for All” club, which meets every Wednesday at 2pm. During club meetings, we will practice yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation. This will help students cope with stress in a natural way and live a healthier lifestyle. Meetings are led by SHS students.  The Zoom meeting ID is 930 2150 7493 and the Passcode is yoga!

Learn Breathing Techniques with Ananya Sekheram
Wellness Resource Ananya Sekheram is a Senior at SHS. Since middle school, she has practiced breathing techniques that have really helped her be with stress. Ananya is also a trained yoga teacher from Yoga Bharati.  She has been assisting in teaching yoga and breathing techniques to youth for the past couple of years.  Ananya wants to share these stress relief tools with her fellow classmates on Red Days between 1st and 3rd period, Monday and Thursday from 9:45am-10:00 am.  Please email Ananya for more info at seka3054@lgsstudent.org. Here is the Zoom Link.  Students will learn how to better meet stress with these breathing exercises.

August 10, 2020:  12:00pm to 5:30pm

An Afternoon of Wellness


The Wellness Center is located in the 800 wing between the Student Center and the Copy Center & Staff Lounge and is home to CASSY.  You can reach us through one of the two side doors. 

Here, students can take a break from their busy daily schedule in a calming space.  They can slow down with an art activity, a mindfulness practice, check in with CASSY, or try other stress relief methods while enjoying a cup of tea.  Students will then be recharged and ready to return to class.  You can learn more about the Wellness Center at Falcon Online

Student Wellness Center