Wellness Center

Wellness Center Staff

(from left to right)
Marina Barnes, serving as Wellness Coordinator
with CASSY Therapists Aneesa Vaez-Iravani, Sarah Lauterbach, 
and Site Supervisor Alex Espinosa

The Student Wellness Center is located in the 800 wing between the Student Center and the Copy Center & Staff Lounge and is home to CASSY.  You can reach us through one of the two side doors.  Here, you will find a calming space where students take a break from the hectic daily schedule of school; recharge; and then return to class.  We also have three CASSY therapists here if the student would like to talk with someone.  You can learn more about the Wellness Center at Falcon Online

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center is currently supporting the "Just Learn It." campaign by housing its raffle tumbler.  Here is a description of the Just Learn It campaign from our principal's August 30th Friday Letters for Families:

"Each week, we will recognize one or two winners and award them with a $5 gift card to Starbucks, Yogurtland, and other merchants frequented by our students.  Students can be a part of the "Just Learn It." raffle by demonstrating their perseverance, hard work, determination, and focus on learning.  Staff who recognize these fantastic, life-long traits can give the student a "Just Learn It." card and students can take the signed card to the Student Wellness Center to drop it onto the raffle tumbler."  Greg Louie

Just Learn It.

You can learn more about growth mindset in Carol Dweck's TED talk The power of believing you can improve and grit in Angela Lee Duckworth's TED talk Grit: The power of passion and perseverance.