Work Permits

*** Updated 3/23/20 ***

Work Permits

In response to COVID-19 the school and office is closed at this time.  However we are still processing requests for WORK PERMITS through an email process.

1) Download the Statement of Intent to Employ (B1-1) form.   Note this is the state-required application for a permit, not the permit itself.   Complete the form (be sure to include your social security number) and email a copy to:

2) We will send your school email account an unfinished (not final) work permit in response.  Print, review, sign where indicated and return it to:

Sign and Date

3) We will finalize the Work Permit (B1-4) it and send a final copy to your school email account, along with your copy of the completed Statement of Intent to Employ (B1-1).

 4) Give the finalized Work Permit (B1-4) to your employer for their records.  Keep the Statement of Intent to Employ (B1-1) for your records.