Testing AP Exams

****Updated 30April20201***

The College Board provided schools with three different Administrations for 2021 AP exams. Based on the feedback from students, AP teachers, SHS staff, our colleagues at LGHS, and our district office, we are planning for the bulk of our AP testing to be conducted during Administration 2 which is May 18th to May 27th.  


During Administration 2, some exams are digital online exams which will be taken at home. The STEM, World Languages and Music Theory exams are in person, at school, pencil and paper exams. 
Exam Terms and Conditions are available to review at cb.org/apexamterms. Students will need to agree to the 2021 AP Terms and Conditions established by College Board no matter what exam format (in person or digital) they are taking.


Digital Exams:
The College Board released computer requirements for digital exams March 2nd.  They have indicated digital exams will need to be taken on a computer or laptop with a camera.  Students cannot use smartphones to take a digital AP exam. Link to College Board Digital Exams
Link to Digital Testing App.


Here’s a list of the exams during Administration 2:

Exam Date & Time Exam Type

English Literature May 18; 8:30am Digital, at home

Computer Science A May 18; 12:30pm Digital, at home

US History May 19; 8:30am Digital, at home

European History May 19; 8:30am Digital, at home

Art History May 19; 12:30pm Digital, at home

US Govt & Politics May 20; 8:30am Digital, at home

Psychology May 20; 12:30pm Digital, at home

Spanish Language May 21; 8am In Person, at school

French Language May 21; noon In Person, at school

Chinese Language May 21; noon In Person, at school

Drawing May 17th Submission

* Japanese @LG May 21; 8am In Person, at LGHS

* Music Theory @LG May 21; noon In Person, at LGHS

Exam Date & Time Exam Type

Calculus AB May 24; 8am In Person, at school

Calculus BC May 24; 8am In Person, at school

Physics 1 May 24; noon In Person, at school

Chemistry May 25; 8am In Person, at school

Physics 2 May 25; noon In Person, at school

Statistics May 25; noon In Person, at school

English Language May 26; 8:30am Digital, at home

Biology May 27; 8:30am Digital, at home

Environmental Science May 27; 12:30pm Digital, at home

*Physics C: Mech @LG May 24; noon In Person, at LGHS

*Physics C: E&M @LG May 25; 8am In Person, at LGHS

* LGHS selects the Administration for these exams.
Link to College Board Exam Dates

Exam Conflicts
With Administration 2 exam schedule, some students will have a conflict with two exams scheduled during the same date and time.  Those students will have a chance to test during Administration 1 (May 3rd to May 17th: all exams in person, at school, paper and pencil exams) or Administration 3 (June 1st to June 11th: most exams digital, taken at home with World Languages and Music Theory in person, at school paper and pencil on June 4th). 

Exam Location May 24th & May 25th:
We are very hopeful that by May, students will be on campus, enjoying in person instruction with their teachers and fellow students.  With CDC guidelines related to social distancing and ventilation requirements, SHS cannot use some of the large testing spaces on campus we used for May 2019 AP testing.  We will likely use the Library on May 21st for World Language Exams.  But on May 24th and May 25th, we have a large number of students (over 350) testing each day and do not have room to accommodate them at SHS.  We are starting to look at alternative locations that can handle large groups of students for exams on May 24th and May 25th.

Parent Proctors Needed:
SHS will need parent proctors or room monitors to administer AP exams in 2021.  To volunteer contact Ms. Sheridan at
ksheridan@lgsuhsd.org at SHS Guidance Office.  Volunteers need to be fingerprinted and get a clear TB test.  Some parents have been cleared by the District Office and helped us in October for testing. Also, parents cannot proctor or be a room monitor for an exam their child is taking.

Registration for AP Exams closed March 5th.

Cancelling an AP Exam:
Students can cancel an AP exam by logging onto Total Registration using the link here Total Registration. Once a student cancels an exam, that triggers Ms. Sheridan to process the refund and change the school’s exam order with the College Board. There is no fee to cancel an exam.  Students will get a refund of exam fees if they cancel an exam.  We cannot refund the Late Order Fee of $40 for exams ordered after November 8th.

Contact Ms. Sheridan at ksheridan@lgsuhsd.org with questions.

General Policies:
SHS does not allow outside students to test with us. An outside student is defined as a student who do not attend SHS. If you attend a different school, you need to take your AP exams with them. The exception is homeschooled students. If you are homeschooled and live in SHS attendance area, you can request to take AP exams at SHS.
Exams Offered to SHS Students:
Art History, Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Chinese Language, Computer Science A, Drawing, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Science, European History, French Language, Physics 1, Physics 2, Psychology, Spanish Language, Statistics, US Government & Politics, US History, Music Theory (every other year in even years)
AP Exam Registration opened 21September2020 at 4:00 pm.  Registration ended  05March2021 at 11:59 pm.
For SHS to order an exam, students need to complete two steps: 1) pay on Total Registration and 2) enroll on their College Board account using the Join Code provided from Total Registration.
A link to Total Registration is below.  Exams cost $120 each plus $40 if ordered after November 8, 2020.  
Student Link for Total Registration