School Site Council

Role of Saratoga High School SSC

The purpose of this Council shall be to develop and recommend the Single Plan for Student Achievement, have ongoing responsibility to review with the principal, teachers, parents, other school personnel, and pupils, the implementation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement.
SSC will assess periodically the effectiveness of the program and will annually review the Single Plan for Student Achievement, establish a School Site Council budget consistent with the Education Code, and if necessary, make modifications in the plan to reflect changing improvement needs and priorities, and, finally, take other actions as required by the Education Code.

2018-2019 School Site Council Members

Staff: Rick Ellis, Jennifer Lee, Greg Louie, Emily Wu
Parents: Sree Bade, Kim English, Kelly Chai, Wenjing Chu
Students: Alex Lee, Katie Chen, Derek Hsu, Allison Tan


Additional Information can be found at the State Office of Education