The 70's Alumni

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Class of 1979:
30 Year Dinner was held on August 1, 2009
Contact: Karen (Schmidt) Kunzel 408-489-9251

Class of 1978:
Reunion was September 27, 2008
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Class of 1977:
35-year Reunion was July 28, 2012, 
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Contacts: Dave Cullinane, Annette Patsuris, Adrienne Cordova Johnston, Rich Sawyer

Class of 1976:
Our 30 Year Reunion was held on September 30, 2006 
Contact Leslie Butlar at for more information.

Class of 1974:
Reunion for Class of 1974 was held Aug 9, 2014
(Classes of 1972-1977 invited to attend)

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Class of 1972:
45th Reunion will be held on Sept 16, 2017
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Facebook page: Saratoga High School Class of 1972
Contact: Linda (Bridgeman) tenZeldam at