Annual Data Update

Annual Data Update of Student Information in Aeries ‐ Saratoga High School

Each year before the start of school a parent or legal guardian must review and renew the
required authorization documents.  It is also an opportunity to update emergency contacts, medical and anything else that may have changed in your student's status.

You must complete the data update before your student may pick up their class schedule.

The process is online and typically requires about 15 minutes per student.  This process is most reliable when using a PC web browser such as Google Chrome.


1) Login and start the information confirmation process

2) Check and update information about the student, parents/guardian and emergency contacts

3) Acknowledge receipt of several documents that are required by state and federal regulations

4) Acknowledge receipt of several policy documents from the school district and authorize student participation

5) Check your email, print the confirmation page and ensure your student brings it to Falcon Fest

Detailed instructions are here.

To begin, from a computer web browser login to the Aeries parent portal using your PARENT email address. Go to:

Note: due to a current software bug, the system may ask you for residency documents.  You do not need to do this and can skip that step.

If you have difficulty logging in, please follow these steps:

A) Make sure you are using the Aeries parent portal (not the Aeries enrollment system).  The parent portal is here:

B) If you forgot your password, please enter your PARENT email address and click the “Forgot Password?” link. The system will send you an email message with a new password if the email address you type matches what was provided to the school previously.

C) Be sure you are using the same PARENT email address you provided when enrolling your student, not your student’s email address or another address.

If you still have trouble, please contact:

Julia Peck: or 408-867-3411 x233


Robert Wise: or 408-867-3411 x211