Tutoring Center

Tutoring Center The Tutoring Center is a free resource for our students to receive tutoring mainly from their peers and community members in all
subjects offered at SHS. Students who are interested in receiving tutoring can stop by the Center to sign up for the subject they want
tutoring in.  Our Staff will then connect you with a tu
tor who works
with your schedule.  

Students interested in offering tutoring can also sign up in the
Tutoring Center.  This is a great way to receive volunteer hours
and give back to our local community.  

Tutoring Center
  Besides tutoring, the Center is set up to support both
  individual and collaborative working / studying with table
  grouping, white boards, standing tables, couches, and
  more.  We are equipped with desktop computers, Chrome
  books, and six computers that are connected to a printer.
  The Center is a great place to work, study, and to connect
  with like-minded students.  
During Finals week, we are
  dedicated to supporting students in preparing for and taking
  their finals.  Please email Marina Barnes for more info.

The Tutoring Center is currently closed.  Please check back for more information regarding our tutoring services.